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A good site structure is probably the most crucial aspect of a site’s SEO performance and overall user experience

Your consolidated website will be structured in a logical, consistent, hierarchical grouping of the main areas of content. For greatest clarity and simplicity, the top-level navigation will consist of a series of links using single-word, action verbs.

The structure should be as shallow as possible, making it easier for search engine crawlers to access and index the content, and to generate sitelinks with SEO-friendly URLs. Sitelinks are a huge SEO advantage. They increase the navigability of your site, point users to the most relevant information, uplift your brand’s reputation, improve user trust, help you dominate SERPs, drive clickthrough and shorten the conversion funnel. A comprehensive, but simple internal linking structure will also be applied to the website. The navigation will make use of your brand assets and guidelines to build brand recognition.
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Web Design

Often the first impression you make on a new customer, leverage the power of smart design to offer a user friendly and memorable experience.

Web Development

Bring your vision to life with functionality to attract and retain clients, in a search engine friendly way. A robust backend and Content Management System will have an impact on the speed, efficiency and ranking of your site, which ultimately drives traffic and conversion.


Clever branding is a way of engaging your audience and by building a deep and meaningful connection you can retain that attention taking your business up a level. We work with some of London’s best creative designers and can deliver everything from a simple brand refresh to a whole new brand identity and guidelines.

The site can have SEO plugin installed and configured to maximise SEO optimisation

For site meta details and individual product details. This will involve ensuring the chosen keywords are in important places such as:

  • Page Titles
  • Headings & sub-headings
  • Image Alt Text
  • Page content – this may require some content rewriting to get the right balance of keywords on the page

You will be able to review and then optimise individual pages for each of your chosen keywords. We will setup the SEO capability for the content and product pages on the site and provide a guide on setting up a page optimally for the chosen keyword. We will also ensure the site is registered for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to help analyse traffic and understand how people are finding the site. This will help to further validate chosen keyword selection.

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Our work examples

MTG Solicitors

Cyber worked closely with MTG to modernise the look and feel of the website and logo. Designed in WordPress to create a professional and contemporary site embodying the brand vision.

Twin Technology

TWIN TECHNOLOGY Cyber helped Twin Technology redesign their website, and achieve a compelling attractive design that is not always easy to achieve in the computer and infrastructure sector.

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