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Our team has developed intuitive, scalable and cost-effective tech solutions to help customers streamline and automate their processes.

High standard software for your business

With a dedicated QA centre located in our Chennai office, our experts ensure that each solution we build is fast, intuitive and of the highest possible quality software for your business.

QA and Testing process

Using software quality metrics at each stage of development we measure quality and limit flaws and bugs all during the build process.
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"Cyber has a wealth of experience in testing bespoke software applications."

Specialist Software Engineers

By applying the principles of engineering to software development, our specialist team analyse, modify, design and test software systems, to ensure applications meet user needs. Our software engineers also specialise in specific areas including databases, cloud, or operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Experience-led Transformation

Today’s Tech giants all gained critical mass purely by satisfying consistently outstanding user experiences. Leading with the customer, identifying the needs and motivations of the highest value customers while focusing analytics to empower and manage results that drive business impact, is our approach to transform customer experience. Continuing with in-depth customer research is the vital link to drive progress.

Technical Excellence

A deep understanding of the software development lifecycle, how it gets designed, built, deployed and shipped to the user, as well as understanding the real price of defects, and why in-depth testing is crucial, is the key to achieving technical excellence.

We can carry out the following tests:

Test planning

Our specialist Testers draw up a detailed document that catalogues the test strategy, objectives, schedule, estimations, deadlines, and the resources required for completing that project. Think of it as a checklist to ensure the software is tested in every way necessary to ensure it works properly

Each test case includes all the detailed information on the inputs and responses of the product, to determine not only that the implemented feature meets the requirements, but is also secure, performing and to a high standard.

Unit testing

Our Developers will test their code to meet quality standards prior to deployment. This ensures a robust engineering where quality is priority. Over the course of the product development life cycle, unit testing saves time and money, and helps developers write better code, more efficiently.

Performance testing

Performance testing is always evolving within modern software developments and it allows testers and developers to deal with issues quickly while enhancing the application’s performance.

We assess system operation speed, scalability, and stability.

Security testing/Penetration testing

Cyber provides strategic Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services, and security configuration / firewall audits aimed at safeguarding data, assets and applications against threats.  We use industry standard testing including OWASP Top 10, SANS and NIST.

Services include:

  • Application Security: Enterprise, Web and Mobile
  • Enterprise Security: Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Security Testing for Big data and Cloud
  • Security for IoT
  • SCADA, ICS and HMI Security Validations
  • Performance Testing for Web and Mobile Applications
  • Progressive Automation of Regression Testing Suites

Regression testing

Regression testing is vital for risk mitigation and ensures that the individual code that makes up the parts of the software does actually make the whole system better.

We carry out these tests through the development process to ensure the final output is as lean and fast as possible while delivering on the brief.

User Acceptance Testing

UAT is the important final stage of the testing process and development lifecycle. Our Client’s end users test the system to confirm it works well in the real world

If the expected outcome is not achieved during UAT, the item will be documented and sent back to the developers for repair.

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