Case Studies

We’ve worked on projects large and small. From simple brochure sites to operational systems for enterprise. Here are some examples of what’s been keeping us busy and challenges we’ve delivered on.


Breezemount is the highest volume and fastest growing home delivery company in the UK and Ireland.


Paythru helps people manage payments and transactions, while reducing the pain-points and friction that typically surround them.

MTG Solicitors

Cyber worked closely with MTG to modernise the look and feel of the website and logo. Designed in WordPress to create a professional and contemporary site embodying the brand vision.

Twin Technology

TWIN TECHNOLOGY Cyber helped Twin Technology redesign their website, and achieve a compelling attractive design that is not always easy to achieve in the computer and infrastructure sector.

Set In Hand

Set In Hand specialise in third party distribution, warehousing and hand finishing of greetings cards for the gifts industry.


TCHC offers practical training and development solutions with a wealth of experience in the field of workforce development.

"Cyber has a wealth of experience in writing software applications."

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