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Digital security is more important than ever

The level of sophistication hackers deploy is multi-layered and ranges from automated searching of website vulnerabilities, specific compromises of less secure websites, to targeted attacks on individuals using clones of well-known emails from common service providers. Securing your online services and maintaining uptime, requires robust defences on many different fronts.

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Secure Your Website Against Google

Google is everyone’s friend; it searches everywhere and indexes everything it finds. The problem is it can search too well, revealing more about your website than you intended.

In addition to finding login URLs, there’s a whole range of Google queries you can use to find out more about what’s on your website than you may have intended. Things like indexed PDF and Office documents, SQL error messages (indicating possible SQL vulnerabilities that can be exploited), log files that have been left on the server for Google to index, configuration files, the list goes on…

Cyber can help you check what’s been indexed on your website, what you never intended to be seen by the whole internet, and then safely remove or properly secure it.

What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test, also known as a pen test or ethical hacking, is a simulated cyber attack on a computer system and performed to evaluate the security of computer system.

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