Application & Software Maintenance

Our team has developed intuitive, scalable and cost-effective tech solutions to help customers streamline and automate their processes.

Application support and software maintenance

Your software is a living, breathing tool that evolves with your business. It’s never truly done and like a garden, needs to be tended to regularly. The best way to take care of your software is with our Support package, with ongoing help.

Technical support

It needs to be updated technically, visually and with relevant features, as well as checked for bugs and hackers. Monthly strategies & training include (but not limited to) user training, uptime monitoring, performance optimisation, core software updates and plug-ins compatibility updates, and regular scans of your entire system to find broken functions.
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"Cyber has a wealth of experience in supporting application and software maintenance."

Specialist Software Engineers

By applying the principles of engineering to software development, our specialist team analyse, modify, design and test software systems, to ensure applications meet user needs. Our software engineers also specialise in specific areas including databases, cloud, or operating systems such as iOS and Android.

Experience-led Transformation

Today’s Tech giants all gained critical mass purely by satisfying consistently outstanding user experiences. Leading with the customer, identifying the needs and motivations of the highest value customers while focusing analytics to empower and manage results that drive business impact, is our approach to transform customer experience. Continuing with in-depth customer research is the vital link to drive progress.

Technical Excellence

A deep understanding of the software development lifecycle, how it gets designed, built, deployed and shipped to the user, as well as understanding the real price of defects, and why in-depth testing is crucial, is the key to achieving technical excellence.

Example tasks and support roles:

  • Check Up & Review – To make sure the system is still technically compliant and up to standards.

  • System Updates – Updates, testing and quality assurance.

  • Content Updates – Help with all the things you want to do on your system.

  • Core Software & Plugin Updates – Keeping platform up to date is essential for the safety of your business and presence.

  • SSL Certificate – Secures site, safe browsing giving you SEO points. Ensures certificate valid and functioning.

  • Preventative Maintenance – Daily malware scanning, to catch naughty hackers right away.

  • Daily File & Database Backups – Easily fix your system in the unlikely event you get hacked or something goes wrong.

  • System Uptime Monitoring – We check your platform every few minutes to make sure it’s up and running smoothly so you don’t miss a lead.

  • Performance Optimisation – Make sure your system loads fast, minimising bounce. Includes Content Delivery Network (CDN).

  • Link Monitor – Regular scans of your entire platform to find broken links that need to be addressed.

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Breezemount is the highest volume and fastest growing home delivery company in the UK and Ireland.


Paythru helps people manage payments and transactions, while reducing the pain-points and friction that typically surround them.

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Set In Hand specialise in third party distribution, warehousing and hand finishing of greetings cards for the gifts industry.

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