We are Cyber. This is what we do.

Our customers don’t like the term ‘full-service digital agency’…it just doesn’t sound like us! We are creative technology engineers for desktop, web and mobile apps. We are also a web services provider: Everything from Hosting and Support to Social Media, SEO and Strategy. We are Cyber. This is what we do.


We build beautiful web apps that save you time and money by enabling a move from paper-based processes to more efficient web-accessed systems. Centralising data allows you to respond faster to changes in business needs and gives visibility of the most important information from the shop floor to the board.


Everyone loves apps. We don’t build games, we build operational apps: Stuff that takes your data and processes and puts in the hands of those who need it, when they need it. We use the very latest development platforms like Xamarin, React or Ionic so the apps we build can be compiled for use on Android. 

Software Development​

We believe in our software development because we’re making products that help real people do real stuff. We’re helping solve problems, increasing efficiency and improving communication. We’re integrating systems, managing data and automating processes that have taken valuable resource. We’re pretty cool, actually!


Digital Security is now more important than ever before. The level of sophistication hackers deploy is multi-layered and ranges from automated searching of website vulnerabilities, specific compromises of less secure websites, to targeted attacks on individuals using clones of well known emails from common service providers. Securing your online services and maintaining uptime, requires robust

Website Design and Development

We design simple, responsive websites with beautiful, user-friendly design and animation. We provide you with an easy
to use website content management system (normally WordPress) so you can update and manage it as and when you want and we’re always on standby to
help when needed.