How healthy is your website?

How healthy is your website?

Nowadays, it’s essential that your business has a website. In fact, you’re unlikely to get anywhere without one. But more importantly, it’s imperative that you have a healthy website. But what is website health?

When we talk about the health of your website, this doesn’t apply to its current state, such as how up to date it’s kept or how popular it is. Though these are important factors, there is much more to it.

What makes a Good Website?

There are a plethora of factors that make up a finely tuned, well performing website. That’s why, for the month of October, we invite you to take the opportunity to let the digital doctors give your tool a well-deserved professional once over, with recommendations on improvements to boost your presence and improve your security..  

Your Website Health Check

Designed by web experts to give you insight into the key functions, our Website Health Check will unearth what is working and what is not, highlighting where there is room for improvement in a simple report. We will cover many areas that can have a direct impact on the overall success of your website, including:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Responsive design testing
  • Inbound/Outbound link ratios
  • Content analysis
  • Image optimisation
  • Video optimisation
  • Use of social media
  • Security

While there is no obligation to then invest in our services, they will help boost the success of your business and fix any problem areas found in the health check, along with best practice to help maintain a healthy website. 

The first 10 customers to book in during the month of October for our Doc-tober Deal, will receive a free website health check* from our team.

To book a free website health check, contact us now by emailing or calling 020 3657 2561.

*Some checks may require access to the Admin area of your website, which is provided at your discretion.