So you want to build an app? That’s great! The big question is – will it be for web or mobile? Before embarking on the exciting journey of developing an app, it’s crucial to understand the key differences between the two. Apps are developed and perform differently on the web vs online, but they can also be very similar too. You may wish to develop one or the other, or both to deliver the best user experience. Here are some points to consider:


When it comes to accessing apps, ‘native’ or mobile apps are downloaded by users through a ‘store’. For example, Apple devices use the App store, and Android users access the Google Play store. Web apps are simply hosted at a URL on the world wide web.

Programming Language

Mobile app developers need to develop the app depending on the device it is intended for. This is because each device has its own specific programming language. For example, Apple’s iOS uses a code called Objective-C whereas Android will use Java. Web apps can be created using common programming languages such as JavaScript or HTML, regardless of the device it will be running on.

Mobile Integration

When it comes to mobile apps, integration is one of the main benefits. For example, social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat revolve around access to the phone’s camera and microphone – something that simply cannot be replicated on a web app. Take time to think about what the main purpose of the app will be, and how much integration into the device it will require.

Running Updates

Apps, in general, require a huge amount of maintenance and there’s quite a big difference between how updates are run on mobile compared with web-based apps. Mobile apps require updates to be carried out by the user, whereas web apps will be updated by the developer with no input needed from the user.


It’s common knowledge that mobile apps can be more costly to develop than web-based apps, so consider whether what you are planning to create can be achieved using a more cost-effective web-based solution.


Mobile apps are regulated through the download portal such as the App store or Google Play store. This gives users confidence that the apps will be of a certain standard, whereas no such thing exist for web apps as of yet.

If you’re interested in launching an app for your business, Cyber can help. We don’t build games, we build operational apps – stuff that takes your data and processes and puts in the hands of those who need it, when they need it. We use the very latest Xamarin development platform and associated technologies so the apps we build can be compiled for use on Android, iOS and Microsoft devices rapidly.

We also build beautiful web apps that save you time and money by enabling a move from paper-based processes to more efficient web-accessed systems. By centralising data you can respond faster to changes in business needs and gives visibility of the most important information from the shop floor to the board.

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