Organisation is one of the keys to success in marketing and social media scheduling tools can make it much easier to stay organised while making your life a little easier.

Using the right scheduling tools can save time and help you push out more content to your audience. The more you schedule your social strategy, the more time you will have to connect and engage with your followers in real time.

Here are 5 of the best social media scheduling tools currently available.

Hootsuite is one of the oldest social media scheduling tools and simply allows you to schedule posts to be posted in the future. Depending on your chosen plan, you can post on a variety of social accounts. You can use the platform to both create posts for future publishing, or you can select existing posts to re-use.

It supports most social networks and also includes some useful content features as well. These include content curation, organisation, scheduling and RSS integration.

Hootsuite supports a wide range of platforms, including personal accounts, business pages, and other types of social activity. Its interface is very easy to use and allows you to see all aspects of your social network such as posts, mentions and scheduled posts in one place.

Post Planner
In addition to scheduling posts, Post Planner also helps with the process of content creation. Post Planner can curate posts based on specific hashtags and keywords. It assigns star-ratings to pieces based on their relevance to your audience.

It also uses audience data to pick the best times to post content. The planning section highlights the different types of content you’re posting (article, video, photo, etc) and analyses how each piece is performing. Like other social media scheduling tools, Post Planner allows users to repeat and recycle top-performing posts as well.

Sprout Social
Sprout Social offer their users an all-in-one platform that reduces the need to juggle between software. With Sprout, you can simultaneously publish your latest Facebook post, Instagram photo or Pinterest Pin.

Sprout also have a feature which allows for collaboration among marketing teams. It has user-level permissions, which provides specific access to marketing managers, writers and everyone else that contributes content.

Sprout’s calendar feature allows users to see a bird’s eye view of what’s being published and promoted on each day. They also offer social media analytics insights and Sprout’s ViralPost feature helps hone in on optimal posting times.

Buffer is a well-established social media management tool. It has several good features including publishing with queue, engagement, analytics, and team features. It is a respectable platform that allows you to manage multiple social profiles easily.

Their web browser extension makes it easy to add webpage links, titles and images quickly to your schedule. Buffer also analyses follower activity in order to suggest the best times to post content and even lets you know how successful they were.

As implied by its name, Tweetdeck focuses on one social network: Twitter. It is a straightforward scheduling tool that allows you to queue tweets across multiple accounts.

Despite its simplicity, Tweetdeck has a very useful Twitter dashboard. On it you can see your live feed, notifications, mentions and other activity all in one place

How are you taking advantage of social media scheduling tools?