If we had to put a pound coin in a jar every time someone said “there’s an app for that” we’d be incredibly rich by now. There are thousands of mobile and desktop applications launching every day, and they are seamlessly transitioning into our modern-day lives. From banking and financial management, health and fitness, entertainment and games, the list is endless. But did you know that apps can be great for business, too? Here are our top 5 apps to help improve your business efficiency.


After using Basecamp, 89% of people said they had a better handle of their business. Now that’s something to shout about! Basecamp integrates all of your business operations and communications to create a single platform that is, as they claim, a “central source of truth”. Teams can be grouped by department or project, work can be organised using the ‘to-do’ list or schedule tool, you can collaborate via a communal message board and you can monitor the whole machine using progress reports.


Wunderlist is a simple yet effective list-making app that allows you to easily keep track of tasks. Lists can sync across multiple devices and you can set reminders for urgent tasks that have a strict deadline. Tasks can also be shared with other members who can collaborate and comment when needed. Less really is more!

Google Drive

This is the Google Drive we’ve all come to know and love, but on mobile. It allows you to access all your files from any device – presentations, spreadsheets and word documents. The real beauty of this app is that it allows you to easily edit, collaborate and share – on the go.


If you run a business it’s likely that you will have to present at some point, whether it’s to directors, suppliers, customers or retailers. If you want to give your presentations that extra ‘wow’ factor, Prezi is a great place to start. Hosted in the cloud, Prezi lets you work on your presentations wherever you are, on any device, and even without wifi! Plus, the stunning templates and seamless slide transition will really give your audience something to talk about.


Grammarly is a savvy app that is essentially a free grammar checker. Easily upload reports, essays, presentations and pitches to the app and it will highlight any issues that need addressing. What’s more, the desktop and mobile app checks anything you type in the browser such as blog posts, e-mails and web content. Say goodbye to hours of proof-reading!

We hope these apps will help you achieve your business goals in 2018. If you use any other apps, we’d love to hear so feel free to comment below.