Meet the Team

Larry Rach


In 1989, Larry started out as an intern and progressed to role of Sales Director, before starting his own business in 2004. Larry has rapidly built a multi-million pound IT hardware, services and infrastructure company which was, 2 years in a row, HP’s fastest growing partner. Now in their 13th year, Twin Technology, the company he started in 2004 with his brother and a close friend, has a solid global client base and continues to grow year on year. Larry oversees our development as we push to grow our business and improve our processes.

Larry has a keen interest in overseeing business improvement strategies and plays a key role in a number of companies as well as his own. He’s worked hard to support minority businesses and takes an active role in the community. He holds a number of board positions, is a School Governor and lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and three children

Larry has a wealth of experience in leadership, management, finance and business process as well as a strong and established portfolio of investments in small businesses and property. He’s hugely knowledgeable about his specialist sector, IT, and is a prolific business networker.