Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Video Content

If it’s true that a picture can speak a thousand words, then a video can speak ten thousand words. Video content really took off in 2005 with the launch of YouTube and since then has been on a steady slope to success. Fast forward 13 years and almost nearly all social media channels are dominated by video content, with a Facebook executive recently predicting that all content on the platform will be video in less than 5 years. Aside from its popularity there really are genuine reasons why your business, big or small, should be investing in video content:

1. It’s the most watched content online

According to Hubspot, 500 million people are watching Facebook videos every day, Snapchatters watch 10 billion videos a day and 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the platform. With statistics like that, it’s clear that video is absolutely dominating social media.

2. It helps with SEO

The more content your business can produce, the more klout your business will have and the more search engines will favour you and video content is no exception. Videos can also be optimised for search engines from their title and description – which are all beneficial to a SEO strategy. Similar practices apply – ensure that you are not cramming in unnecessary keywords and that the description accurately describes the content of your video.

3. It’s great on mobile

The increase of mobile devices has lead to more of us watching video content on the go – on our commute, when we are out at the weekend or on a long journey travelling. 90% of consumers watch video on their mobile devices – video content and mobile devices were made for each other!

4. It provides the highest ROI

Although video content can be costly to produce, 83% of businesses claim that video content provided them with the highest ROI. These days you do not necessarily need a quality video recorder as the cameras on our mobile devices have amazing quality! What’s more, consumers don’t mind videos that are more ‘real’ as it makes the business appear to be more authentic.

5. It encourages engagement

Many studies show that people are a lot more prepared to watch a short video than read an article. Being able to capture the attention of your audience makes it much more likely for them to engage with it, and based on social media algorithms the more engagement, the more you post will be shown to others.

Overall, investing in video content can require a lot of time and resources, but the benefits are not to be ignored.

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