Pros and cons of starting with a web application

Pros and cons of starting with a web application
Pros and cons of starting with a web application

The increase in internet usage in recent years, especially on mobiles phone has been extraordinary. Many companies have been pushing for an online presence, resulting in a growth in the web application sector.

Web applications are versatile and relatively inexpensive to develop, which is likely why they are gaining popularity. But what is a web app and how are they beneficial to businesses?

What is a web application?

A web application is a software or program built using web development technologies that users can access from their browser. Unlike a website, which is a group of globally accessible, interlinked web pages which have a single domain name. Web applications are designed for interaction with end users. Whereas a website contains static content.

Pros of a web app

  • Cost-effective: Because they don’t require as much time or resources to create, web app development is significantly cheaper than other types of app developments.
  • Ease of customisation: Many developers find it much less complicated to change the interface of web app. Therefore, business operations can be done precisely with less efforts.
  • Less updates: Unlike other types of apps, a web app does not require regular updates. Instead, it is the website that the web app is directly linked to which is updated regularly. And the code on the website makes it so that everyone who accesses the web app receives the same up-to-date version.
  • No download requirement: Web apps are accessed through browsers and can be run on various platforms including laptops, desktops, or mobiles. Because of this, they don’t need to be installed to a device. This makes the need for a download platform such as App Store and Play Store redundant.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Because web apps are designed to support any operating system, their interface is optimised to work on various platforms. They can easily adopt to Windows, IOS, MacOS, Android as long as you have a web browser.

Cons of a web app

  • Website dependence: Web applications are dependent on the websites they run on. While this creates a lot of benefits, it also creates limitations. For instance, if the website happens to fail or goes unresponsive, there will undoubtedly be issues with the application. For the best performance, you need to have access a quality website.
  • Internet reliance: As with websites, an internet connection is compulsory when running a web application. Making a reliable internet connection is a must to be able to browse through the website and run the app. Unfortunately, it is a common issue to lose an internet connection, and there are still many parts of the world where internet is not accessible.
  • Performance issues: Due to their internet reliance, web apps can feel slower dependent on the connection. Also, where web apps are directly linked to browsers, this often means an increased app size. Large web apps are considerably slower than a native desktop app.
  • Security risks: Although SSL enforcement can help reduce the risk of a data breach, web apps generally lack the feature of quality control system. As a result, both safety and security are reduced which can pose a risk to important and confidential data.

Should you start with a web application?

If you already have a website and are looking into app development, web apps cheap and easy to develop, making them a good starting point. However, they are reliant on having an internet connection and can be difficult to keep secure. Therefore, to answer to this question, you will first need to consider your business goals and determine whether there is a need for a web apps for your business or if you would be better to invest in a native or hybrid mobile application.

How we can help

At Cyber, we believe that only a service designed to specifically cater to your business requirements can benefit you. Therefore, we can help you align your company goals with what you want to achieve from an app, and we will give our expert advice on what kind of app would work best for your tailored needs. Don’t settle for something that only delivers ‘some’ of what you need.

We provide development services for Web Applications as well as Mobile Applications. Contact our expert team now if you are interested in creating a web or mobile application with us, or if you are still not sure which is right for you and would like to discuss further.

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