Why You Should Consider Investing in Automation

Did you know that three in four organisations worldwide are now using automation technology?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses started to increase their investments into automated solutions, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation (RPA). Investment and usage of these technologies are predicted to continue to rise into 2021.

At the moment, the most popular automation technology is RPA; 78% of business leaders have already implemented this technology and 16% planning to do so in the next three years. Also, 89% of companies use cloud infrastructure for their automations or planning to adopt it within the next three years.

Why use Automation Technology?

As suggested by its name, automated technology helps companies to program repetitive and predictable tasks automatically, allowing them to create a fixed routine. It also helps businesses to become more efficient, increase accuracy of platforms, as well as improve the overall user experience. This in turn will save time and drive costs down, allowing companies to use their time and monetary savings to focus on other innovations that will benefit them.

It’s not a secret that early adopters of cloud, IoT, and automation were the firms that fared best in 2020 during the pandemic. But even as we start to say goodbye to COVID-19, we only expect the benefits of digital transformation to grow.

Implementing Automation into your Business

The key to implementing automation is taking the right approach. Automation should not just be seen as a way to reduce cost. Instead, think of it as a means to redistribute demand by placing people in roles that add greater value to the customer and the company – which will in turn boost profitability.

It is important upskill your workforce and make sure that every employee can effectively use the technologies you want to implement. This will help to build a culture of learning and creativity and ensure no one gets left behind as you scale new technologies.

As we head into unknown territory with further economic disruption due to the pandemic and supply chain friction due to Brexit, keeping up with trends is more important than ever.

As we start to move toward a sense of normality, you should expect to see more businesses gravitating towards solutions that make them more resilient and agile. Therefore, you should consider how automation can help your organisation keep up with new and future challenges as automating existing processes. If you need any advice on what automation technologies would be best for you and your business, please contact our team of experts now on 0203 657 2561.

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