5 Benefits of Having a Modern Website

More and more customers are expecting businesses to have an online presence, searching for a company online is usually the first port of call when searching the products and services we want. Even businesses that operate predominantly offline should have a website as it is the first port of call for potential customers. Moreover, making sure your website is up to date and modern is integral to your company remaining relevant in the ever-growing online world. Here are 5 benefits to having a contemporary website for your business:

1. Improve the Perception of your Business

Your website will often be the first impression a customer has of your business, and when an opinion can be formed in just 5 milliseconds, you want that opinion to be a good one. There’s no doubt that websites have come a long way since the introduction of the internet and a modern website can improve the initial perception of your brand and therefore your business straight away. Having a contemporary website will also establish you as a modern business

2. Improved Usability

Modern websites are well structured, are persuasive, and are easy to navigate. This makes the browsing experience much more enjoyable and valuable. Attractive and easy to navigate modern websites with useful content will also help to reduce your websites bounce rates and increase prospective engagement and leads.

3. Security Integration

Website security has to keep up with the ever-advancing IT environment which means there are more updates needed. Unlike old websites, modern websites can easily be kept updated using plugin-ins and software to ensure that your website isn’t hacked, or your valuable data compromised.

4. Easily Integrated Search Engine Optimisation

As with the IT world, search engine algorithms are constantly changing and evolving. Knowing your company’s key words and creating content in line with the latest SEO requirements is a step in the right direction. There are multiple plugin’s and tools that can be used on modern websites to help you maximize your business interest, its offerings, and generally its position in search engine rankings.

5. Optimised for Responsive Design

Handheld, portable and wearable devices have changed the way we use the internet. Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the go-to way of browsing the internet so making sure your website has a responsive design is integral.

In a nutshell, a modern website will help your business develop a modern online presence and will go a long way in generating quantifiable results. Throughout March we are offering 15% off the price of any new projects signed off this month. So be sure to contact us if you’re planning on updating your website.

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