Benefits of Bespoke Software

Over the years, software solutions have become a necessity when it comes to running a business efficiently and thus making it succeed. Their growing popularity is owed to the outstanding possibilities operating systems are now able to offer to a company, regardless of their size or industry.  If you have considered acquiring software for your business, you have two options: Off-the-shelf packages produced for the mass market or a bespoke software solution tailored to your company.

What’s the difference?

Although off-the-shelf software is cheaper and can be less time-consuming to install when compared to custom solutions, they are designed to answer the demands of as many companies as possible. Which can often result in slowing down your business instead of improving its productivity.

In comparison to commercial products, bespoke software is tailor-made to your company’s requirements, offering all the necessary features that are relevant to your team. Although it can take both time and money to develop an individually crafted program, it should be regarded as investing in the future of your business. If you’re curious as to how you can benefit from using a bespoke solution, here are a few benefits:

1. Control

When buying custom software, you are the one who decides what the solution will look like and how it will work. All of your needs and requirements will be analysed so that the software you receive is exactly what you need. Plus, you are the owner of the intellectual property, which means you do not need to seek permission to make changes to your software.

2. Simplicity

Commercial products are often loaded with functionalities, which can both slow down the entire system and make it more difficult to use. However, bespoke solutions, offer all the features you need and nothing more, thus improving the workflow of a company. There are no unnecessary or inappropriate components, which shortens the learning process for employees.

3. Scalability

A bespoke software can turn out to be crucial as your business evolves. Off-the-shelf solutions are limited by either cheap software which cannot fit the business size or an expensive (likely unaffordable) solution that is able to support your company on a large scale. Though, when it comes to bespoke software, the solution is much more scalable. Bespoke software will work just as quickly when used by one hundred, as well as one thousand people.

4. Security

Small companies that use ready-made software solutions are often targets for hackers. If a hacker is able to encrypt one system on a common commercial software, they can also gain access to details of multiple companies. Whereas, breaching a tailor-made system is much more difficult and provides hackers much less data should they be successful.

5. Ownership

With bespoke software, you own the software as intellectual property, which can save you money. Many off-the-shelf packages include a licence fee you have to pay for each user, which is not necessary when it comes to bespoke solutions. You decide how many employees can access the software.

6. Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the greatest advantages bespoke software solutions can offer. With tailor-made systems, any problems will be sorted by your personal development team, who will fix any bug you report. As opposed to problems with off-the-shelf packages, where your company is one out of thousands being directed to the same team.

Overall, using tailor-made software is not only valuable for your company, your customers will appreciate it as well. Talk to us to find out how we can help you and your company specifically.

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