5 Simple Ways to Step Up Your Cyber Security

The news of another hack or cyber-security breach is no longer groundbreaking and is quickly becoming the norm. The rate at which sophisticated hackers can access sensitive and highly valuable information is ever-increasing – a huge concern to companies large and small. Here are 5 simple ways you can step up your cyber-security in your business.

Update passwords regularly

Changing passwords regularly can minimise the time that criminals can access it for. We recommend between 30-180 days, with 6 months being the maximum. Ensure your password is over 8 characters long and uses letters, numbers and symbols. Apple’s ‘keychain’ function is a great tool to create super strength passwords.

Use two-step authentication

Passwords can only provide so much protection, so we recommend making the use of two-step authentication where possible. For example, when logging into your businesses social media accounts, you can request for additional information to be confirmed in order to validate your identity and protect your account from being compromised.

Use a VPN

Employees using open wireless networks are a big risk to organisations and increase the likelihood of sensitive information being accessed. It is recommended that you set up a VPN (virtual private network) to encrypt your browsing history and prevent hackers from seizing any sensitive data or passwords.

Be wary of third-party apps

Installing third-party apps on your devices can easily lead to a security breach if not managed correctly. Be sure to read reviews in the App Store to ensure the app is legitimate and limit the amount of access it requires to what is necessary.

Educate your employees

Education is key. Ensuring all your employees are familiar with and understand protocols when dealing with sensitive company information is paramount. Small measures can make a big difference – consider hosting a short seminar to brief your team on the do’s and don’ts or create and share an e-mail newsletter with a handy guide.

These 5 steps may seem common sense, but the majority of breaches are due to human error. When it comes to cyber-security, you can never be over-prepared.

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